Navjeet Singh Sandhu

Opt for the way that suits you best.

  1. Simplest I suppose is - Just transfer Rs 195/- (One hundred and ninty five only)  to Account No. 30029140726       ( Three Zero Zero Two Nine One Four Zero Seven Two Six) Branch No. 9301 from any computerised branch of SBI (State Bank Of India) and do mail me using Contact Form or call +91 9780446180 and tell about the transaction (branch and place). 
  2. You can also send a Demand Draft or a Cheque in the name of 'Navjeet Singh' payable at SBI, Chandigarh. If you opt for this option, the book will be sent to you once the Demand draft /Cheque is received.
  3. You can also ask me to send you the book via V.P.P (Value Payable Post)  and give the money to the post man. In this case do write in the mail that you require me to send the book via VPP.
   NOTE:  In all the options (except VPP) the book will be sent to you via Registered Post and NO money shall be charged to  you for that.
 In all the cases do book your copy by submitting a Contact Form.
We deliver the books within seven working days once you order for them. You can order via Contact Form or phone call ( +91 9780446180)  seven days a week (27 hour service).

For any other queries or details do contact through Contact Form.