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*This page updates you regarding what's hot among All India Navodaya Alumni Association (AINAA). Enrich the Navodayan spirit by being a part of what other Navodayans are doing. Make yourself and others stronger.
*We try to put on this page all those projects that are being carried out by the Navodayans not only in Navodaya or in a part of India but at any level across the globe.
*If you know some Navodayan doing some - constructive, creative, social, entrepreneurial work do contact us via Contact Me form and tell us about him/her.

::If you are a Navodayan and still not a part of AINAA, we encourage you to be a part of it.::

Career Guidance Centre : This is a very constructive step and that very requisite. Career Guidance Center (CGC) offers 100% free career guidance to all the people of rural India. The CGC gives priority to economically weaker sections and far-flung areas where people don't know much about education.
CGC gives Career Guidance Booklet which is written with the motto to make people realize the value of education and to encourage them to make their children study in Navodayas because they provide FREE education. Banwari Lal Verma is the brain and labor behind CGC. (Read More)